About Us

AMAZEN SCRUBS enables caregivers to feel comfortable and relaxed while providing care and services to their clients. This AMAZEN brand was created by one of your very own Health Care professionals Kenesha Patterson. Kenesha saw the need for a brand with comfortable and fitted attire that would match all body types for person in healthcare industry who, wanted to be comfortable yet fashionable.

She aims to please you with scrubs, Compression socks, Fanny packs, Nurse reels keeping your appreciation for fashion in mind. She is basked by superb reviews from customers like you who can relate to the daily demands of the workplace.
So who is Kenesha? She is Jamaican born and resides in New Jersey and has been in Health care for the past 14 years. She is a family woman while aiming to to be a business mogul who can relate to her customers. You will not be disappointed because she personally interviews her suppliers and wears her own scrubs and accessories daily. She has taken the painstaking effort of scrutinizing every fabric to ensure that you are provided with the best quality attire.

She is ready to listen to your requests, or feedback and provide the best service to you. Try this AMAZEN brand of scrubs and feel your best while you care for your clients.